Sample volume

Sample throughput


Bioneer HT-PrepTM Automatic DNA Extractor

Applied Biosystems ABI PRISMTM 6100 Nucleic Acid PrepStationa

Corbett Life Science X-Tractor Gene RNA/DNA Extraction System

Gentra Systems Auto pure LS®

AccuPrepTM extraction kit

Integrated semi-

automated system

Kit adopters for Sigma, Qiagen, Promega, Macherey Nagel, Invitek PureGene® kits

Solid-phase extraction (DNA bound to glass fibres, column washing steps) Solid-phase extraction

Depends on chemistry (bench top unit + vacuum station)

Liquid-phase genomic DNA purification over protein + DNA


10 x 96/day

150 |il

1-10 ml

96/~2h requires user intervention about every 15 min 96/1 h

Manual addition of reagents; quite lab-intensive; problem of clogged wells; extraction size very low by low DNA yielda

Complete sample tracking with bar codes + complete chain of custody

Chemagen Integrated

Module la system

Paramagnetic bead chemistry

Roche MagNa Pure Compact0 (larger instrument MagNA pure LC) Qiagen EZlabc

Qiagen M48cd

Integrated system

Paramagnetic bead chemistry

Integrated system EZ1 DNA kits

Paramagnetic bead chemistry

Integrated Paramagnetic system beads

MagAttract® DNA kits

Promega Maxwell™ 16 Instrument0®

DNA IQ™ Paramagnetic particles

300 nl 1 ml

96/40 min + 45 min manual preparation/ run

Cartridges for 200 and 350^1 fixed volume

1-500 nl

Cartridges for high + low DNA content samples


16/20 min

To prevent cross-contamination the rods are shielded in plastic tips; performed very well; bar coding with integrated robot; instrument can cope with small + large sample volumes0 Conveniently packaged foil-sealed cartridges; built in bar-code system for samples + reagents; UV lamp inside for decontamination; good DNA results0

Predispensed, ready-to-use extraction reagents in conveniently packaged foil-sealed cartridges; no bar-coding facility; upgrade in near future; good DNA resultsob Good DNA results; UV lamp inside for decontamination; no detectable cross-contamination; no bar-coding facility; upgrade in near future Predispensed, ready-to-use extraction reagents in disposable cartridges, swabs or card punches were preprocessed; no detectable cross-contamination

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