Source: Publicly available figures on the Internet.

Source: Publicly available figures on the Internet.

intelligence to hundreds of thousands of police investigations. Often links are provided for crimes that are notoriously difficult to resolve, such as burglary and vehicle theft.

Along with the increase in case volume that has been catalysed in part by the introduction of DNA databases, there has also been an alteration to the types of crimes and evidence submitted for biological analysis (see Chapter 11). In the 1980s and 1990s DNA profiling was primarily applied to serious crimes. Nowadays, however, forensic molecular biology contributes to the investigation of a broader spectrum of crimes. Data from the NSW State Forensic DNA Laboratory over the period 1998-2005 show a clear pattern of decrease in the proportion of cases from serious crime categories and an increase in the proportion of cases submitted from volume crime categories (Figure 1.2). The change in the case submission profile, that is, the proportions of different case types submitted for analysis, occurred from 2001 forward. This was the beginning of DNA database operations.

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