Crp T

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IL-1 T, IL-6 TT, IL-8 T, IL-10 TT TNFa T, stress proteins (e.g. Hsp70) T

protein markers for use in forensic and biometric applications 211 Table 13.1 Continued

(c) Biometrics

Anthropometric factors

Adult height Leg length, nutrition Trunk length Waist/hip ratio Hair, baldness Hair loss

Alopecia areata Age

Age correlation Age 50+ Body mass

Upper body obesity, adiposity Obese individuals Body mass index

Sex- and race-related differences

Men vs. women

Black vs. white (women)

Black population Men vs. women

(d) Trauma and Death

Antemortem stress, depression, suicide

Unexpected deaths

Postoperative deaths or chronic disease Suicide

Suicidal depression Non-suicidal depression Time since trauma/wound age

<30 min

>1 hour >1.5 hours >2 hours >3 hours >4 hours >24 hours 200 hours 2 weeks 4 weeks

Survival time in fatal injuries Burn injury 2-9 days sIGF-I T Fb 4 Fb (4)

MHC HLA class II (DR4, DR11, DQ*03) T HLA III (Notch 4) TT; type 1 cytokines T

Prl ~533 mU/l (at necropsy) Prl —1027 mU/l (at necropsy) Prl —1398 mU/l (at necropsy) IFN T, IL-4 IL-5 MHC T IFN 4, IL-4 T, IL-5 T

FN T, cathepsin D T, D-Dimer T, TNFa T, IL-1b T leukotriene B4 T, P-selectin T (peak expr. all) ES T (peak expression) ICAM-1 (CD54) T (peak expression) TNFb T (peak expression) VCAM-1 (DD106) T (peak expression) IL-1a T (peak expression) IL-6 T (peak expression) IL-2 T (peak expression) HSP70 T

IL-11 (slow 4 after initial increase) CRP 4

Table 13.1 Continued

(d) Trauma and Death

Burn injury 9-14 days

IL-10 i (x1.5, days 9-14 following initial

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