New Technological Advancements

The rapid evolution and refinement of the endovascular aneurysm techniques is fueled by continued technologic advancements that facilitate the endovascular aneurysm treatment and improve the final outcome. Several new devices and a new embolic agent are currently being tested.


A liquid embolic agent (Onyx, Micro Therapeutics) has been tested in a European multicenter study for aneurysm embolization (88). Onyx is a mixture of ethylene vinyl alcohol, dimethyl sulfoxide, and tantalum that appears to offer good aneurysm occlusion rates at acceptable morbidity rates. Long-term results of this alternative treatment have not yet been published.

New Coil Devices

Technical innovations, such as coating of coils with proteins as well as the development of endovascular bioabsorbable bioactive embolic implants (Matrix, Target/Boston Scientific) are promising methods that may improve the anatomic results of endovascular aneurysm embolization by inducing an accelerated cellular reaction (89-91). The development of polymer-coated coils (Hydrocoil, MicroVention) that expand shortly after they come in contact with blood and conform to the aneurysm shape is currently being tested. In the canine model, it has been shown to yield a higher volume of packing compared with GDC, with less coil compaction (92).

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Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

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