Jugular Venous Saturation

Jugular bulb oxygen saturation is a measure of global oxygen requirement

(30). If SjVO2 drops below 55%, there may be global desaturation. Perez et al.

(31) showed a relationship between poor outcome and multiple encounters of Jsat < 55% in 27 children with severe head injury (31). This device has played a major role in predicting global desaturation and preventing secondary insults during moderate hyperventilation (32-34). The device is inserted inside the jugular bulb via the internal jugular vein under fluoroscopy. Utilization of this device is labor intensive, and the percentage of good data acquisition is about 50%. Jsat is crucial under conditions (don't completely understand the meaning of this) such as hemodynamic and pulmonary dysfunction, hyperventilation, and high ICPs. (30,31,33-37). Using Jsat in conjunction with a brain tissue oxygen monitoring device may aid in the decision-making process regarding cerebral oxygen metabolism globally and locally. In six patients with acute subdural hematomas Verweij et al. (37) noticed immediate improvements of Jsat and CBF upon craniotomy and removal of the subdural hematoma.

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