Preface vii

Contributors xi

Color Plates xv

Part I. Techniques

1 Endoscopic Techniques, Equipment, and Optics

Liliana C. Goumnerova 3

2 MR Imaging of the Central Nervous System

Liangge Hsu 13

3 Proton MR Spectroscopy

Amir A. Zamani 75

4 Functional Brain Mapping Options for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Alexandra J. Golby and Kathleen A. McConnell 87

5 Image Guidance in Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Richard D. Bucholz and Lee McDurmont 113

6 Intraoperative Imaging Using the Siemens 0.2- and 1.5-Tesla

MR Systems

Christopher Nimsky and Rudolf Fahlbusch 129

7 Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms

Christos Gkogkas, John Baker, Alexander M. Norbash, and Kai U. Frerichs 151

8 Stent Angioplasty for Treatment of Intracranial

Cerebrovascular Disease

Adel M. Malek and Clemens M. Schirmer 175

9 The Role of Embolic Agents in Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations and Tumors

Ricardo A. Hanel, Bernard R. Bendok, Jay U. Howington,

Elad I. Levy, Lee R. Guterman, and L. Nelson Hopkins 187

10 Radiofrequency Lesioning

Michael Petr and John M. Tew, Jr 209

11 Radiosurgery: Techniques and Applications

William A. Friedman 225

12 MRI-Guided Thermal Therapy for Brain Tumors

Ferenc A. Jolesz and Ion-Florin Talos 261

13 Gene-Based and Viral-Based Therapies

Manish Aghi and E. Antonio Chiocca 269

14 Local Delivery Methods Into the CNS

Timothy W. Vogel and Jeffrey N. Bruce 297

Part II. Specialties

15 Minimally Invasive Pediatric Neurosurgery

Michael Weaver and Mark R. Proctor 319

16 Minimally Invasive Techniques in Vascular Neurosurgery

Prithvi Narayan and Daniel L. Barrow 331

17 Minimally Invasive Treatment for Brain Tumors

Dennis S. Oh and Peter M. Black 345

18 New Directions in Spinal Surgery

Ian F. Dunn and Marc E. Eichler 355

19 Endoscopic Techniques in the Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

David F. Jimenez 385

20 Minimally Invasive Procedures in Traumatic Brain Injury

Edward Ahn, William C. Chiu, Max Wintermark, Bizhan Aarabi, and Howard Eisenberg 401

Index 423

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