Additional applications for RFL include selective RFL rhizotomy for extremity spasticity, dorsal root entry zone or dorsal root ganglion for chronic neck pain, intradiscal electrothermal therapy for back pain, and deep brain lesions for Parkinson's disease. Each of these applications deserves detailed discussion and analysis beyond the scope of this chapter. Radiofrequency lesioning is a safe, effective, selective, and noninvasive treatment whose initial success was relief of trigeminal pain. This technology is applied to ablate nerve tissue selectively for a variety of motor and sensory symptoms. The adoption of radiofre-quency as a power source for lesion production is partly owing to the precision of power control through temperature and impedance monitoring. The predictability of lesion morphology shape and size is a feature not shared by other noninvasive means, such as glycerol rhizolysis. RFL applications offer safe and effective minimally invasive treatment options for medically aged or medically unstable patients.

Back Pain Revealed

Back Pain Revealed

Tired Having Back Pains All The Time, But You Choose To Ignore It? Every year millions of people see their lives and favorite activities limited by back pain. They forego activities they once loved because of it and in some cases may not even be able to perform their job as well as they once could due to back pain.

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