38 Cytomegalovirus 473

Angela M. Caliendo and Nell S. Lurain

Part IX. Applications of Molecular Diagnostics for Identity-Based Testing

39 HLA Typing Using Molecular Methods 485

John L. Schmitz

40 Molecular Analysis for Forensic Casework and Parentage Testing 495

Tracey Dawson Cruz

41 Molecular Assessment of Bone Marrow Transplant Engraftment 511

Jessica K. Booker

42 The Use of DNA-Based Identity Testing for Specimen Identification 517

Andrew Ricci Jr. and Gregory J. Tsongalis

Part X. Issues for the Clinical Molecular Pathology Laboratory

43 Genetic Counseling Considerations in Molecular Diagnosis 525

Myra I. Roche

44 Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues Related to Molecular Genetic Testing 545

Jennifer L. Herbst and Jon F. Merz

Index 555

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