Tools for Protein Structure Analysis 341

Visualization 341

Other Forensic Techniques 342

Protein Mass Spectrometer Analysis 343

Image Analysis 343

Examples 343

Anthracis Analysis 344

Nucleic Acid Signature Pipeline 345

Determination of Target Pathogen Consensus Sequence 346 Fast, Scalable Sequence Comparison Programs to Locate

Unique Sequence 347

Primer and Probe Selection and Acceptance 349

Protein Signature Pipeline 350

Acknowledgments 350

References 350

16 Population Genetics of Bacteria in a Forensic Context

Richard E. Laiski and Paul Keim

Introduction 355

DNA Forcnsics of Humans and Bacteria 356

Case Study of Bacillus anthracis 357

Conclusions 366

Recommendations 367

Acknowledgments 367

References 368

17 Quality Management in Forcnsics Laboratories

Joseph M. Campos

Introduction 371

Laboratory Quality Management 373

A Few Definitions Are in Order at This Point 373

Laboratory Accreditation 374

XII Contents

Laboratory Security 378

Conclusions 378

Bibliography 379

18 Admissibility Standards for Scientific Evidence

Rotknc Harmon

Legal Admissibility 382

Background to the Daubcrt Decision 383

Analysis of the Daubert Decision 383

The DNA Admissibility Litigation 386

Fingerprint Admissibility Litigation Under Daubcrt 389

Observations 390

References 391


Quality Assurance Guidelines for laboratories Performing

Microbial Forensic Work 393

Prctduccd by the Federal Bureau of Invest Ration-Hosted Members of the Scientifu Wbrfcing Croup on Mi< robial Genetics and Forensics (SWGMGF)

Subject Index

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