Technique for external pacing

1. Connect pacing wire gelled electrodes to pacemaker. Place black (= negative polarity) electrode on the anterior chest wall to the left of the lower sternum and red (= positive polarity) electrode to the corresponding position on the posterior hemithorax.

2. Connect ECG electrodes from ECG monitor to external pacemaker and another set of electrodes from pacemaker to patient

3. Set pacemaker to demand. Turn pacing rate to >30bpm above patient's intrinsic rhythm. Set current to 70mA.

4. Start pacing. Increase current (by 5mA increments) until pacing rate captured on monitor.

5. If pacing rate not captured at current of 120-130mA resite electrodes and repeat steps 3-4.

6. Once pacing captured, set current at 5-10mA above threshold.


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