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Central venous catheter—use, p114; Pulmonary artery catheter—use, p118; Cardiac output—thermodilution, p122; Cardiac output—other invasive, p124; Cardiac output — non-invasive (1), p126; Cardiac output—non-invasive (2), p128; Lactate, p170; Colloids, p180; Hypotension, p312; Oliguria, p330; Metabolic acidosis, p434; Diabetic ketoacidosis, p442; Systemic inflammation/multiorgan failure, p484; Sepsis and septic shock—treatment, p486; Burns — fluid management, p510; Post-operative intensive care, p534

Ovid: Oxford Handbook of Critical Care

Editors: Singer, Mervyn; Webb, Andrew R.

Title: Oxford Handbook of Critical Care, 2nd Edition

Copyright ©1997,2005 M. Singer and A. R. Webb, 1997, 2005. Published in the United States by Oxford University Press Inc

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