Patient areas

• Patient areas must provide unobstructed passage around the bed with a floor space of 26m2per bed. Curtains or screens are required for privacy.

• Floors and ceilings must be constructed to support heavy equipment (some pieces may weigh 1000kg).

• Doors must allow for passage of bulky equipment as well as wide beds.

• Every bed should have access to a wash hand basin.

• The specification should include 1 cubicle per 2 beds with 26m2floor area for isolation. Air conditioning should allow for positive and negative pressure control in cubicles and temperature and humidity control.

• Services must include adequate electricity supply (at least 28 sockets per bed) with emergency back-up supply. Oxygen (4), medical air (2) and suction (2) outlets must be available for every bed.

• The bed areas should have natural daylight and patients and staff should ideally have an outside view.

• Communications systems include an adequate number of telephones to avoid all telephones being in use at once, intercom systems to allow bed to bed communication and a system to control entry to the department.

• Computer networks should enable communication with central hospital administration and laboratory systems.

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