A unit (150ml) of fresh frozen plasma is usually collected from one donor and contains all coagulation factors including 200 units factor VIII, 200 units factor IX and 400mg fibrinogen. Fresh frozen plasma is stored at -30°C and should be infused within 2h once defrosted.

Platelet concentrates are viable for 3 days when stored at room temperature. If they are refrigerated viability decreases. They must be infused quickly via a short giving set with no filter. Indications for platelet concentrates include platelet count <10 x 109, or <50 x 109 with spontaneous bleeding, or to cover invasive procedures and spontaneous bleeding with platelet dysfunction. They are less useful in conditions associated with immune platelet destruction (e.g. ITP).

A 15ml vial of cryoprecipitate contains 100 units factor VIII, 250mg fibrinogen, factor XIII and von Willebrand factor and is stored at -30°. In haemophilia, cryoprecipitate is given to achieve a factor VIII level >30% of normal.

Factor VIII concentrate contains 300 units factor VIII per vial. In severe haemorrhage due to haemophilia 10-15 units/kg are given 12-hrly.

Factor IX complex is rich in factors II, IX and X. It is formed from pooled plasma so fresh frozen plasma is preferred.

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