• Identification of arterial hypoxaemia and hyperoxia, hypercapnia and hypocapnia — enabling monitoring of disease progression and efficacy of treatment. Ventilator and FI02 adjustments can be made precisely.

• pH, PaC02 and base deficit (or bicarbonate) values can be reviewed in parallel for diagnosis of acidosis and alkalosis, whether it is respiratory or metabolic in origin, and whether any compensation has occurred. (See figure opposite).

• Using a co-oximeter, accurate measurement can be made of haemoglobin oxygen saturation and also the total Hb level. The more sophisticated co-oximeters permit measurement of the fraction of metHb, C0Hb, deoxyHb and fetal Hb.

• Measurement of mixed venous oxygen saturation — for calculation of oxygen consumption and monitoring of oxygen supply:demand balance.

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