Drug dosages

Nitrates Glyceryl trinitrate 2-40mg/h

Isosorbide dinitrate 2-40mg/h

Sodium 20-400|jg/min nitroprusside

Hydralazine 5-10mg by slow IV bolus, repeat after 20-30min. Alternatively, by infusion starting at 200-300jg/min and reducing to 50-150jg/min

ACE inhibitors

Captopril: 6.25mg test dose increasing to 25mg tds Enalapril: 2.5mg test dose increasing to 40mg od Lisinopril: 2.5mg test dose increasing to 40mg od


5-20mg PO. Capsule fluid can be injected down nasogastric tube or given sublingually




2-5mg IV slow bolus. Repeat as necessary.

Infusion from 0.5-6pg/kg/min

Loading dose of 50jg/kg over 10min followed by infusion from 0.375-0.7 5|jg/kg/min


Loading dose of 0.5-1mg/kg over 10min followed by infusion from 5-20jg/kg/min

Epoprostenol, alprostadil

Infusion from 2-30ng/kg/min

Nitric oxide



By inhalation: 2-40ppm

2pg/kg bolus followed by infusion of 0.01-0.03pg/kg/min

50mg tds PO

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