Drug dosages

Adenosine 3mg rapid IV bolus. If no response after 1min give 6mg. If no response after 1min give 12mg.

Amiodarone 5mg/kg over 20min (or 150-300mg over 3min in emergency) then IV infusion of 15mg/kg/24h in 5% glucose via central vein. Reduce thereafter to 10mg/kg/24h (approx. 600mg/day) for 3-7 days then maintain at 5mg/kg/24h (300-400mg/day)

ß-blockers Esmolol: a titrated loading dose regimen is commenced followed by an infusion rate of 50-200|jg/kg/min.

Propranolol: Initially given as slow IV boluses of 1mg repeated at 2min intervals until effect is seen to a maximum of 5mg.

Labetalol: 0.25-2mg/min

Bretylium In emergency 5mg/kg by rapid IV bolus. If no response after 5min, repeat or increase to 10mg/kg.


0.5mg given IV over 10-20min. Repeat at 4-8h intervals until loading achieved (assessed by clinical response). Maintenance dose thereafter is 0.0625-0.25mg/day depending on plasma levels and clinical response.

Lidocaine 1mg/kg slow IV bolus for loading then 2-4mg/min infusion. Should be weaned slowly over 24h.


10-20mmol over 1-2h. Can be given over 5min in emergency.

Verapamil 2.5mg slow IV. If no response repeat to a maximum of 20mg. An IV infusion of

1-10mg/h may be tried. 10% calcium gluconate solution should be readily available.

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