Year II of residencyspecific goals and objectives

The goals of the second year are to build on the initiatory capacities of the first year and to introduce more advanced knowledge and methods of care. These goals are achieved by close supervision of residents on a variety of inpatient units (i.e. general psychiatry and subspecialty psychiatry) and also by introducing residents to the vertically integrated continuum of care through closely supervised experiences in specially designed day hospitals and office-based ambulatory practice. Their broad experiences with patients are amplified by a 2-year didactic programme of lectures in psychiatric assessment, treatment, and research.

We expect by the end of this year that a resident will have acquired:

• a thorough competence in the assessment and formulation of psychiatric disorders along with a clear appreciation of the corroborative methods tied to psychological testing and laboratory measurement;

• competence in treating the most seriously mentally ill patients, their frequent complicating medical and surgical problems, and the forensic issues that may affect their treatment;

• a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, pharmacological, and physical treatments involved in the care of the seriously mentally ill;

• a capacity to assume a leadership role on the treatment team in an inpatient milieu;

• experience with targeted behaviourally oriented treatment plans for the treatment of such behavioural conditions as eating disorders and addictions;

• an introductory knowledge of subspecialty psychiatry gained through experience on specialty services such as geriatric psychiatry, affective disorders, neuropsychiatry, and eating disorders;

• an introduction to both time-limited symptom-focused and long-term insight-oriented psychological treatments by delivering psychotherapy, under close supervision, to selected patients followed in an ambulatory setting;

• an initiatory experience of the vertical integration of clinical practice incorporating day hospitals and office ambulatory services in the continuum of care.

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