Year I of residencyspecific goals and objectives

The goals of the first year of residency are integrative and introductory—specifically to provide a foundation, adequate for psychiatrists, in internal medicine and neurology and also to provide an initiation to the essentials of psychiatric practice through supervised responsibility for assessing and treating a diverse population of psychiatric inpatients.

Thus we expect that by the end of this year residents will have an adequate initiatory knowledge of:

• internal medicine and neurology;

• methods of patient assessment and formulation;

• different categories of psychiatric patients and the categorical implications for treatment and prognosis (e.g. DSM-IV diagnoses and the perspective concept);

• the milieu concept of inpatient psychiatric service;

• the responsibilities of the other mental health practitioners integrated in team treatment of patients—the nurse, social worker, psychologist, occupational the rapist, case manager, addiction counsellor, etc.;

• the several treatment modalities—psychological, pharmacological, physical, and rehabilitative—employed with psychiatric patients.

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