Who is responsible for primary prevention

As indicated in the introduction of this section, one of the obstacles to a greater involvement of mental health professionals in preventive action stems from the fact that the effective actions for the prevention of several mental disorders often falls outside their usual remit and in many cases falls outside the health sector altogether, as indicated in Table...?. Although this is true, it does not mean that mental health professionals do not have a major role to play in three areas: advocacy, information generation, and supervision.

Table 3 Agents for prevention

Perhaps mental health professionals need to reconsider their potential role in primary prevention; for instance, they could develop their potential to act as advocates and advisers to professionals in other sectors. As Eisenberg(21) has argued:

what matters is not the mode of action of the agent, the venue in which it is applied, or the academic discipline of the practitioner, but the effectiveness of the measure in preventing diseases manifested by disturbances in mental function.

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