Treatment of psychiatric disorders in medically ill patients including the management of emergencies

Thomas Herzog, Barbara Stein, and Lutz Frölich Introduction

Settings for the treatment of psychiatric disorders in the medically ill Epidemiology., ofpsychiatric disorders inthe general hospital... and. .i.n.prim.a.ry. care Referrals to mental health CL services in the general hospital Aspects of.. treatment. specific to.. themedical.. setting The psychiatrist-doctor-patie.nt.triad


Providersof medicaLcare



Assessment ..and..indications ..fortreatment

Treatment. .methgds..and..the¡r.l adaptation.. tothe „m.edical.setting Psychgpharma,cg|.0,gica|n treatment?

Psychological. interventions

Case.. management

Interventions .focused..oni.Mprinma^ry.. ,ca.^e..lP^g.V¡.d.e.^S..l and. .staff Management.. ofpsychiatric.. emergencies .the . .medically. . .ill



Further.r.eadins Chapter. References

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