Training and supervision

Most controlled trials have used therapists who have received specialized training in cognitive-behaviour therapy and there is some evidence that deviation from therapy protocols and/or poor implementation is associated with less good outcome. (51> For these reasons, clinicians are likely to benefit from specialized training and supervision. Where local training institutes exist, it is wise to take advantage of their expertise. Even when no local institute is available, expert cognitive-behaviour therapists from established centres often travel internationally to deliver workshops and supervision. Several professional organizations run regular training workshops and can be contacted through the Internet. The organizations include the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (, the Association for the Advancement of Behaviour Therapy (, the International Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy (, and the American Psychiatric Association (http://wwW,:..2Sy£h,:..0Ig,/).

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

This guide is meant to be of use for anyone who is keen on developing a better understanding of PAB, to help/support concerned people to discover various methods for helping others, also, to serve passive aggressive people as a tool for self-help.

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