Traditional nonWestern folk healing as relevant to psychiatry

Wolfgang G. Jilek

Types ,and,,fu.nctions ,of,, tra.ditional,,practitioners Therapeutic,, approaches, common,—iraditionaLhealing HonisticMapproa.c.h

Ritual-symbolic.,, procedures


Affectivity, therapy

Altered,, ,s.tates,,of consciousness




Con|ectiV,e,Mma,n,agement, andsocian,, engineering

Therapeutic group ceremonials involving altered states of consciousness Examples, oftraditional healing, exclusively,,focused,on ,substance abuse, and dependence General effectiveness of traditional folk healing, ,in,,psychiatric, conditions Chapter References

The practitioners of traditional folk healing referred to in this overview do not qualify for their profession through examination after formal studies at a training institution as their practices are based on oral traditions and not on a codified body of medical knowledge. Traditional practitioners often enter the healing vocation after a culture-specific 'calling' experience that frequently involves an altered state of consciousness and in shamanic healers is typically associated with an 'initiatory sickness'.(1) Candidates are usually apprenticed to an experienced senior practitioner and often go through a formal initiation process.

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