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Time management is crucial for the successful manager. By prioritizing, delegating, and planning a good manager can be assertive and achieve more in a limited time. Time management is about making choices and keeping to them. Zarod(U> has illustrated some successful and pragmatic techniques for time management. The individual must identify particular time-management problems. Following processes of prioritization, a key step is to be able to delegate to others with complementary their skills. Individuals can manage time more effectively by being proactive rather than reactive.

A good manager will balance social time and working time equally effectively. Allocation of time to various activities and prioritizing is an important step. Time can be managed effectively by delegating as much as possible, helping individuals to solve their problems, and managing diaries in a pragmatic manner by highlighting priorities of work for each day. Managers spend a significant period of their lives in meetings, and it is very important that the agenda and purpose of each meeting is very carefully defined. Some characteristics of good and bad time management are given in T§bJ§.,..3,.

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Table 3 Time management

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