Therapeutic communities

David Kennard


Defining ,,a,s1pects„,o,f, practice

Defining, nprinciples

Defining , beliefs Background Early,, ,histo.ry iReceintMMh1istory

Scientific, background Technique



Indications andMcontrai.nidicatlons

Selection ,,procedure.s Managing, treatment

Ke.y„p.a.^,„,¡.n„,,,up,,a, utherapeutic., community Phases, ,,o,f,Mtreatlmen1tlM for, the,, individual

Maintainingthe, „effe,c,tiye, ufunctioning,, of, , the, , therapeutic, ucommunity,, as,,, a„,w,h,o,le

Efficacy Drug abusers

Violent, offenders Personality disorders

Enduring, mental jl!n„e.SS

Children aMadolescents

Training Further,reading Chapter, References

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