The working environment

On the basis of taking nothing about psychiatry and schools for granted, it should not be assumed that senior and managerial staff will know what facilities are needed for the psychiatrist's work. (6,1°) This is more than a simple matter of space and resources, because quite a strong message can be conveyed about where a patient is seen or a conference held. Thus the head's office, albeit magnanimously made available, may not be the best place to meet members of staff, particularly with the head teacher behind the desk. Some young people will welcome the convenience of a consulting room on site, while others may prefer the relative anonymity of a clinic; it is a matter of privacy as well as confidentiality. Matters involving disciplinary style and policy, albeit with a particular young person as the focus, might best be begun, if not continued, with a discussion in the school rather than an appointment in a clinic. Some thought should be given to how to involve young people's families, which are increasingly recognized as having significance for problems arising in the school, and the school is likely to have a view about this.

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

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