The principles of clinical assessment in general psychiatry

John E. Cooper and Margaret Oates Introduction

Concepts.under|ying.,the...procedures.Of, assessment The..separation..of..form...from..content,.and.„from., effects. on ..activities

Ca.$,ego.r.i,e.s..oJE informationi .subjective, ..obie,C.i.v.e,..a,n.d.., scientific

Disease, ..illness,. .and .sickness

The.. diagnostic.. process:. disorders. and ..diagnoses

Conc.epts.of. disablement

The^sequence... of..assessmeln$:l.coi.|ec$ionl,.anal|ysis,,., synthesistand review From. complaints™ ..formulation yfeevents... and. .illness

Psychodynamics and. the.. life story

Contextual infl.U.ence.S..on.., assessment Assessment ..a. .mul$i.d,iscipl|.inary, .activity Leadership

Ilnstrument.s., for..assessment

Reasons .forthe.. development of.. structured...inte.ryiewing .and...ratin.g. instruments Instruments.. for the. assessment.of. mental ..state.. and. behaviour Developments .since. the..M1950s IhePresenl State^Examination

Schedule. ..for...A,$iye., Disorders ..a.nd...Sch,iz.o,p,hren,, and. .the.. structured.. .Clinical .Intervi.e,w..,for .DSM

The Diagnostic Interview Schedule

Schedules ..of. Clinical. Assessment. for .Neuropsychiatry®. .composite..|n.t.ernational..Diagn.ostic.. Interview Otherselectedissues

The.. condensation and of. information Su.mmary.and... formulation

Differential! ...m.ain.,,. .and ..alternative

Making ..a.. prognosis Reviews Writingreports Thel..purp1o,ses,..of, .reports

Guiding. principles

Chapter. .References

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