The paraphilias

Gene G. Abel and Candice A. Osborn


Paedophilia Exhibitionism


FrotteMrism Masochism sexuaLsadism



Paraphilia not otherwise specified Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

Psychophysiological. assessment Organic. disease. . differential. . diagnosis. . of . .parap.hijias

Menlta|lnretardaltjon disorders

Organic..msntaln syndromes

Aetiojogy,an,d.. spidsmioloigy Aetiology

Epidemiology Treatment„oMral.nt.reatms„n.t

Pharmaco|lO,gi.cla| Antiand.rogens


EvalMatinq.the ..effectiveness. .oi..treatm.ent,f. .evidence

Advice.. aboMt. management

Possibilities for prevention Further reading Chapter. References

Sexuality serves a variety of purposes. Among these are perpetuation of the species, expression of feeling and bonding between pairs, and gratification. Sexuality may be expressed in a normal or abnormal fashion, with the definition of normal contingent upon societal rules and definitions. Paraphilias are deviantly expressed sexual interests and behaviours that do not represent culturally defined normal sexual interests.

People generally govern themselves in accordance with social prescriptions which serve to determine sexual activity within their culture. Paraphilic behaviours stem from exaggerations of normal sexual behaviour and represent unusual response to, reaction to, and/or interpretation of normal socially endorsed sexual behaviour.

Generally, personal values, religious beliefs, and the legal system prohibit individuals from acting out paraphilic urges. Attempting to identify, classify, diagnose, and treat individuals with paraphilias can be problematic because admitting to paraphilic interests is often in direct conflict with the values and rules of most societal groups.

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