The neuropsychiatry of head injury

Simon Fleminger

Neuropathology immediate, andearly,, effects

Los,siioficoinsciousnessii foNowing^head „injury

Head, linjuryiSeverity Epidemiology investigations Neuroimaging


Neuropsychologicalii assessment

RecoyeryiOfi iimpairment,iidisability,iandii handicap Psychological is.e.que.lae.iO.f


Cognitiveiimpairment Personality change

Early, imental iisymptoms ifollowingn ibrainiiiniury Psychosis nafterbra.inn injury Agitation and i aggression Alcoholman,d.ii head iinjury Postconcussionii syndrome

Post-traumaticiiepilepsy Headii iinjury jnchildren

Boxing Management

ManagemenLol iearlyiineurobehaviouraliiproblems Man.agsmsn.Lol .late inmsntaLse.3u.e!a?

Furtherreading Chapter References

Head injury 'imparts at a blow both physical and psychological trauma', (I> and the consequences are often devastating and enduring.(2) Not infrequently head injury leads to a psychiatric consultation, which will need to take into account the interplay between the brain and its injuries as well as the psychodynamic processes that follow from the injury.

In the immediate aftermath of the head injury the management rests with the acute surgical and medical team.(3) The psychiatrist is usually not involved at this stage. Nevertheless, to understand the later neuropsychiatric effects of head injury it is first necessary to know what happens to the brain when it is injured.

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