The EPOR modela human sexual response cycle model

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The most successful model was that formulated by Masters and Johnson.(20) In the laboratory, they observed the changes that took place in the male and female body and especially the genitals during sexual arousal to orgasm either by masturbation or by natural or artificial coitus with a plastic penis that allowed internal filming of the female genitalia. After studying approximately 7500 female and 2500 male arousals to orgasm in some 382 female and 312 male volunteers over 11 years they proposed a four-phase linear, sequential, and incremental model of the human sexual response cycle ( Fig 1). The phases were described as the excitation (E) phase

(stimuli from somatogenic or psychogenic sources raise sexual tensions), the plateau ( P) phase (sexual tensions intensified), the orgasmic (O) phase (involuntary pleasurable climax), and finally the resolution (R) phase (dissipation of sexual tensions). The great success of this EPOR model was its wide compass; it could characterize the sexual responses of women and men, both heterosexual and homosexual, ranging from simple petting to vaginal or anal coitus with orgasm. However, it had several weaknesses.










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Fig. 1 The development of the linear-sequence human sexual response model from (a) the original EPOR model of Masters and Johnson (29 through (b) the DEOR

model of Kaplan'22) to (c) the proposed modification with desire phase 1 (before initiation of the excitation phase and desire phase 2 during excitation phase) and finally (d) with added courtship behaviour.

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