Summary of treatments claimed to be effective in personality disorder Psychological treatments

Dynamic psychotherapy

Although dynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have used personality disorder (mainly the less serious variety) as their stock-in-trade for treatment over many years, there is little evidence to suggest clear gains for this approach in its treatment. Nevertheless, the absence of evidence is largely related to the absence of adequate research, and there are several approaches that may be of value for borderline personality disorder in particular, but the consensus is that the brief forms of psychotherapy are likely to be the most valuable in these conditions and that conventional psychotherapeutic approaches are not efficacious. (56>

Cognitive therapy

It is too early to assess the claims for cognitive therapy. The technique may have particular value in increasing adherence to treatment through the collaborative approach that is used.

Democratic therapeutic community

This approach was developed to treat antisocial personality disorders. There are severe methodological problems in evaluating this method and no definite conclusions can be drawn regarding its efficacy.

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