Stressrelated anxiety and obsessional disorders in elderly people

James Lindesay


Psychological, symptoms Somatic symptoms

Behavioural,, disturbance Classification

Diagnosis, and „differentialdiagnosis

Depression Dementia


Paranoid,, statesnandnschizophreniia Physical,Mil,l,ness Epidemiology

Aetiology Biological,, factors

Psychosocial factors

Course an,dmprpngnosis

Treatment Evidence


Prevention Chapter,, References

Stress-related, anxiety, and obsessional disorders in elderly people are common, distressing, costly to services, and potentially treatable. However, despite a growing awareness of their clinical importance, many patients still go untreated, or else are treated inappropriately. The conditions covered here are described in detail elsewhere; this chapter focuses on the differences and difficulties that are encountered when they occur in old age. Although the term 'neurotic disorder' is not used in DSM-IV, it is retained in ICD-10 as a collective term for the disorder considered in this chapter. The term is used in this sense in this chapter.

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