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Managing stress at work, in oneself and others, is a key function of a good manager. Most common causes of stress have their origins outside the workplace. Some professions are stressful in themselves; for example, miners have the highest levels of stress followed by the police, and doctors are only slightly below actors. (4> Some people immerse themselves in their work in order to forget domestic problems. In addition, pressures of too much or too little work, poor supervision, isolation, frustration, and poor working conditions can all contribute to poor quality of work resulting in increased stress. Identifying the symptoms of stress at work and managing it by prioritizing, delegating, and communicating can help.

Preventive strategies can be put in place to help avoid predictable stress from life events. Once stress has developed, the individual must combat it using strategies such as relaxation and meditation. Stress can be used as a positive source of good functioning, but a good clinician manager will be aware of the signs of destructive stress and burn-out.(9> Staff burn-out is considered further in Chapter7.:.4.

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Stress Busters Explained

Stress Busters Explained

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