Specific types of personality disorder

Jose Luis Carrasco and Dusica Lecic-Tosevsk*

Cluster „A ..personality., disorders Paranoid,,, perso,n,ali,ty...d,!s,order..iJLC,)

Schizotypaipersonality. .disorder. „ULC)

Cluster ,,B ..personality disorders Antisocial. peisonality.disorder.IPLJ)

Borderline „personality, .disorder „(PLJ)

Histrionic„personality .disorder, .(PLJ)

Narcissistic,, personality „disorder .IPLJ)

Cluster ,,C „personality, „disorders Avoidant., peisonaiity,,,djsorde.r,|JLC.)

Pependent„„person,a!ity„„disorder „(UL.C)

obsessive-compulsive,, .(anankastic),, .personality.. disorder „ „(ULC)

other„„personal.ity„„disorders„„Inot„. „included. in,,,PS.M.-iV) Passive-aggressive „(lnegativ,is.t,i,c)„ ..personality, „disorder „„ (PLJ)

Self-de,fea,t,i,ng„„(m,as,oc,h,is,tl,c)„„persona!lty„„dlsorder„„(ULC) Sadistic,, personaHty.disorder.iPLT) Pepressive. ,personality,d,|sorder„(JLC) Personality „changes

Enduring.. „personality.chan,ge,s..a^fter. traumatic,,, experiences.,,(J.LP) Personality, „.change. due „to,, agenemmedicm. condition,, ulc) Chapter,, References

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