Specific developmental disorders in childhood and adolescence

Helmut Remschmidt

Introduction Classification

Specific developmental disorders of speech..and. language

Specific, speech.. artic.uiati.on.„di.s.orde.r

Expressive. languagendisorder


Acquired... aphasia ..with .epilepsy.. (Landau-Kleffner.syndrome)

Specific .developmental..disorders..of..s.cholastic.skills

Specific,.. reading.. .disorder Specific.. spelling .„disorder Specific.. disorders.. .o.f.arith.m.e.ticaL skills Mixed.. disorders.. ,of...sch,o,la,stic .skills Specific .developmental..disorder .of motor .function Clinical ..features and .classification

Diagnosis and. .differential.diagnosis

Epidemiology Aetiology

Treatment Chapter References

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