Special needs of adolescents and elderly people with mental retardation

Jane Hubert and Sheila Hollins Introduction


Administrative . .prevalence. . of. . mental. . reta.rdMatiioMn,.. .in. . .a.d.ulthood, ..ve,rs„us...chi„idhood

Transition.. .to...ad,u,lthood


Mentalhealth .needs

Sexua!.re!ationshjpss..marria.ge,andM parenthood Cultu^raidifferences

Elderly.. .people. ..with.. mentalretardation


Health.nee.ds Mental.health. .needs

Issuesarising... from.. .shrinking.. .sociaLsuBport... networks...and1M social ..isolation Complexity. .of..care...needs. ..o.f.„e|de.r!yM .carers.. and. the.. people. they.. .care.. for ..at..,h.ome Planninq.for. .th.e..J!Mt.u,rs Bereavement

Life.nchangies..in„ old. age Cultu^ral.differences

Chapter.. References Introduction

Changing social, health, and mental health needs occur throughout life, and this chapter highlights those particularly relevant for adolescents and elderly people. Generally people with mental retardation (learning disability) have the same needs as other members of the community, but they may also have additional needs for which they are entitled to extra support.(1.)

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