Social pressures

The experience of risk provides amusement, thrill, and excitement and may therefore be pleasurable. These experiences make gambling so attractive. This has led to it being organized commercially, so that it is not usually available on the basis of what Cardano (1) referred to as 'equal conditions', but with an inbuilt disadvantage to those who gamble. In reality, the stake money is used to purchase an experience, with winnings as an occasional bonus. A few, who gamble professionally, are able also to win money regularly because they have sources of information that reduce the uncertainty, as in betting on horses and dogs, and their gambling is planned and deliberate.^)

Yet, those who gamble are encouraged by the promoters to think that it is a form of investment and will lead to the accumulation of wealth. In addition, they are often given dubious information, which it is claimed will enable them to improve their chances of winning. All this inevitably incites people to gamble more and eventually leads to pathological gambling.(1 IP

In the United Kingdom, public policy has operated on the principle of providing gambling facilities on the basis of unstimulated demand, since this limits the level of pathological gambling. Recently, this principle has been eroded because governments have increasingly relied on national and state lottery takings for revenue purposes. One of the most insidious aspects of this has been the promotion of the idea that lotteries, in particular, and gambling, in general, are ways for those taking part to make money.(7)

Also, the advent of large lotteries has made this heavily promoted form of gambling available in public places, whereas, previously, commercial gambling involving large sums of money has generally been confined to licensed premises. This has resulted in children becoming involved. (13)

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