Sleep disorders in children and adolescents

Gregory Stores introduction

S!esp„and., its., disorders., inl„ch.ildren

Parenta!, ..influences

Developmental effects of sleep disturbance

Pattern a.n.d „significance. .of„s!eep„„ be.h.aviours„in„ children... compared, .with.. adults Manifestations.Mof, .sleep., disorders Treatment, and ..prognosis Assessment

Special .investigations, .speciairisk., p.í„sleePl„dllstM,rb,an,c,e Children .„in„,t,hel„gener,al„po,p„u,la,tlon

Children „with,, .chronic, .physical, ..illness, .or., disorder

Children „with,, „mentaiMretardatipn,., 0LneMrodsgs,nelrat¡ys„,d¡sorder

Main., slsep.prob!ems:„sleeplessness

Infants,, „toddlers,„,and., .p,ress„hoo!„.chi!dren School-age, .children Adolescents Excessive, „sleepiness insufficient., sleep Dils,t.u,r,bed,Mnpct.u,rna,ll,sle,ep D¡sord.ers„linlyo!yl¡.n1g mincrea,ssd,.Mnss,d„ .for.„slesp Parasomnias .Primaryparasomnias Chapter, References

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