Shortterm predictors

There is good agreement between different studies on the factors that help predict a relapse of psychotic symptoms after a period of stabilization or remission. Stressful life events*6.7,) and a high expressed emotion index6) have attracted considerable interest in this regard but are technically difficult to assess. In addition, the expressed emotion measure is only applicable to patients interacting on a daily basis with family members or other persons in the household. In many settings, such patients would be a minority. By and large, the best predictor of relapse in the short term remains the withdrawal of antipsychotic medication, usually due to non-compliance.(68> Cannabis use on a daily basis has been shown to be associated with an increased risk of relapse in a dose-response relationship. (69) Short-term predictors of a good outcome for the episodes are good initial response to neuroleptics and a positive response to placebo.

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