Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders Studies between 1898 and 1975

Subsequently to Alzheimer, Southard reported cortical atrophy in schizophrenia and mentioned that association areas of the cerebral cortex were most affected in this disorder/10,) Buscaino(U> described various histopathological changes, mainly in the basal ganglia, which he assumed to be responsible for catatonia-like and stereotyped behaviour. Another approach to the neuropathology of psychiatric diseases had been made by Vogt and Vogt and their coworkers, who reported cellular alterations in the cortex, thalamus, and basal ganglia of schizophrenics. (1. ,!3,14,!5.,11 I8 and !9> These considerable efforts on the part of many well-known neuroanatomists and neuropathologists to prove that schizophrenia is a primary brain disorder, ended in inconsistent and unsubstantiated findings. (45) To a large extent these inconsistencies can be attributed to a variety of methodological inadequacies including diagnostic uncertainties, inadequate control samples, flawed tissue-handling procedures, variable choice of brain regions for neuropathological studies, limitations in the sensitivity and specificity of classical histological stains, as well as lack of quantitative methods to delineate and analyse subtle brain abnormalities. (20)

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Breaking Bulimia

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