Respite facilities

Many of the carers of mentally ill elderly people are spouses who may themselves be elderly, and depressive symptoms in this group are common. Caring for dementia sufferers is particularly stressful for several reasons, including the burden of physical care placed on the carer, the behavioural disturbances exhibited, the loss of an intimate confiding relationship, and the effects on other important aspects of the caregiver's life such as work, other relationships, and social activities. (2.5) Respite services should be available to support the caregiver and prevent crisis admission to acute or long-term care as a result of caregiver burn-out. These may include day-care programmes (described above), night-care programmes, (26> which are less common, or short-term residential care or hospital admission. Although further evaluative research is needed in this area, there is some evidence that the use of respite care reduces the likelihood of nursing-home admission, (2Z> and that it relieves the burden on relatives.(28)

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