REM sleep behaviour disorder

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Although various aspects of REM sleep behaviour disorder have been identified by European, Japanese, and American investigators since 1966, (34) REM sleep behaviour disorder was not formally recognized and named until 1985, (35> and it was incorporated within the international classification of sleep disorders in 1990. (1 A typical clinical presentation of REM sleep behaviour disorder is contained in the description of the index case.

A 67-year-old dextral man was referred because of violent behaviour during sleep...4 years before referral..he experienced the first 'physically moving dream' several hours after sleep onset; he found himself out of bed attempting to carry out a dream. This episode signaled the onset of an increasingly frequent and progressively severe sleep disorder; he would punch and kick his wife, fall out of bed, stagger about the room, crash into objects, and injure himself...his wife began to sleep in another room 2 years before referral. They remain happily married, believing that these nocturnal behaviours are out of his control and discordant with his waking personality.

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