Relationship problems

A positive cervical smear test result can result in the woman feeling differently about her body and about sex. (29) A study of hypertension screening found decreased marital satisfaction in those with a high-risk result. (33 After a high-risk result for Huntington's disease, some people's personal relationships have broken down, (17) although others have reported improvements/23 Genetic testing, unlike other types of testing, may have health implications for the person's relatives, and problems may arise in these relationships. After a positive HIV diagnosis there are additional issues regarding possible infection of the person's sexual partner. The HIV-positive person may have to deal with the death of a sexual partner and friends, and bereaved reactions to AIDS-related deaths appear most severe among people who are themselves infected. Telling friends or relatives about the positive test result may also involve difficult communication about previously undisclosed sexual preferences.

Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

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