Relationship between medical staff hospital board and regional psychiatric facilities

For the development of more integrated services beyond emergency consultations a good working relationship is required between the general health-care staff. The psychiatrist should be a formal member of the medical organization of the hospital. Negotiations between the general hospital boards and the regional mental health providers should include a representative of the CL service when budgets and facilities are being discussed. These discussions should identify the needs for: consultation; transfer to out- and inpatient services; and arrangements for emergency-room patients, attempted suicide patients, severe substance abusers, and the cognitively impaired elderly. Wards with both a psychiatric and medical function can solve the problems created by the artificial division between general and mental health care. If such wards are unavailable some patients will be inadequately treated in psychiatric units, which have insufficient physical facilities, or on medical wards, which lack a psychiatric milieu. (1J>

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