Psychoanalysis and other longterm dynamic psychotherapies

Peter Fonagy Introduction

BasicassMmp—s ,B,rief..p,ve,rview. ..o.Lt.heo.rles

Psych0ana!ysils,as..treatmenlt!opme.nt.. .of..the ..psychoanalytic.. approach.. to.trea.tment

Technigue:. .p^incjp.ajieaiM,re.s Ñeiu,traiiiy...and... abstinence

M.e£hanisms..of.. defence Modes.of. .therapeutic.. action

|ndicatipns,,cpntraindi.catipns,, .and ..selection.. pro£edMIes

Managing. treatment

Starting„treatmieint Establishing ..parameters .F.o.rm.u.!.a.t.ion!.. .o,f,,,paiie.nis,,,,,p,rob,!e1ms ThSM.mid.d.le.. phase

S,u.p.p.O!iiye...a.n.d.. .directive. ..interventions. in ..psyc.h„o,dy.namic..i.h,e,r&p.y Regression


The experience of transference



Ending.. .treatffi!e,ni

Efficacy Training Conclusion

Chapter References

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