Psychiatry and health in lowincome populations

Leon Eisenberg Disease. burden

Promising, .solutions

Key.. clinical. . initiatives

Psychosocial.pathology Recommendations

Specific. initiatives

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In 1995 my colleagues and I completed a report on world mental health. (!> It outlines the extent of the problems and the priorities for intervention among low-income populations. Our most prominent finding was the interconnectedness of health problems, such as depression, heart and lung diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and other behaviour-related diseases, on the one hand, and of psychosocial pathologies, such as violence, alcoholism, abuse of women and children, and underlying social conditions such as war, poverty, and discrimination, on the other. They form self-perpetuating spirals.

At a press conference to launch the book on 15 May 1995, at the United Nations, Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali stated:

This Report... reminds us of the great human suffering caused by mental illness... the international community has risen to many challenges in the past. Now it must do the same (for) mental health... The challenge is to combine concern for mental health... humanitarian assistance and protection efforts. Development policies must... protect and promote mental health

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