Psychiatric aspects of accidents burns and other trauma

Ulrik Fredrik Malt

Epidemiology of accidents and injury Psychiatric disorders and accidents occurrence

Clinical features of the immediate psychological. response.. to .accidents Assessment and treatment at the accident. scene Responses seen the. emergency Clinical.features

Assessment and treatment on arrival in the emergency room Behavioural disturbances.and. stay

Classification. . of .injury Clinical,n.d,ro,me,s„ .duringi .th.e.„h.os.plt.a.! ..stay Assessment ..and...trea.tment


Lpnq-tem.behavio^ra!..and„ psychiatric..cpnsequences Ove.ra.ll. . effects

Psychiatric. disorders .after .accidents,. burns,. and .other. trauma

Prevention and treatment

Treatment. oflong-term.. psychiatric ..problems

Cpmpensatipnclaims. and. litigation

Conclusion Chapter. References

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