Psychiatric and behaviour disorders among mentally retarded children and adolescents

Bruce J. Tonge Introduction

Diagnosis, and ..classification óontributingfactors, .a.n.d...c.o.n.îe.xt Cognitivenprofjle


Medical.and,, geneticissues Behavioural,, phenotypes psychotropic. .medication Environmentalninfluences

Specific. psychopathological. ..disorders jn..c,h,i!dren...W,it,h,. .mental.retardation Behavioural.. disorders

Emotiona!. .disorders perva,sîvs.„dsv.elop.msn,„. disorders

Principles. .ofmanagement Parent/carer. „involvement

Psychological. treatment


Prevention.. and.. .e.arly..jnteryentio.n



Chapter.. References

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