Prion disease

John Collinge Introduction


CMnicalfeatures and^diagnosis

Sporadic,, prion,,,disease Cre,u,tzfeld,t,-J,a,ko,b,, disease Atypical, .fofmsof, Creutzfeld,t-Jna,kob.,,dise,ase Acquired,,, p.r!on„,dis,

Kuru iatrogenic,, Creutzfel,dt-Jaksb,,,d|„s,eas,e New, ,variant,,of .human.prion, , .disease |nherited,,,p,rion,,,d1is,eases Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinke,r,dise,ase

Ciassification.and,, clin|cail,,features. of,, inherited, prion,, diseases

Presymptomatic and antenatal testing Prognosis ,,and,,treatment

Secondary prophylaxis, .after .accidental, exposure Chapter References

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