Prevention Primary prevention

The identification of factors that contribute to mental retardation, their removal or avoidance, and the protection of the population or individuals against them are the main principles of primary prevention. Immunization and other measures to prevent rhesus incompatibility, congenital rubella, measles encephalitis, tuberculosis and other bacterial meningitides, and the provision of folic acid around the time of conception to prevent neural-tube defects have been successful preventive measures/2,31ยป

Primary prevention includes good medical follow-up, the identification and prompt removal of, or effective intervention in, at-risk situations during pregnancy, delivery, the neonatal period, and childhood. Avoidable causes include intrauterine and perinatal infections due to many sexually transmitted diseases and the excessive use of alcohol. Lead intoxication, iodine deficiency, accidents in the home, and traffic accidents are preventable. ^l9,24,28) The primary prevention of genetic disorders has not been possible, although the disorder, the chromosomal aberration, or some associated abnormality can sometimes be identified. (38) However, all the means of the secondary prevention are available, and pregnancies may be terminated after counselling. Screening tests can identify some parents who are carriers. (!,,4Q)

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