Positive effects of a highrisk or positive test result

Some who receive a high-risk result for Huntington's disease report that the test helped them to determine what is most important in life and allowed them to make financial preparations for the future.(23) The opportunity to plan for the future and to help their friends and family cope with their death are positive effects mentioned by cancer patients. Where there is the opportunity for intervention the person may feel grateful that their high-risk or disease status has been identified through screening. For those who were aware that they might be at risk before screening, a positive test result may reduce the sense of uncertainty that may have been aversive. In Huntington's disease testing, where many people are quite preoccupied with the condition beforehand, a positive test result may produce a reduction in time spent worrying about the condition.(23)

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

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